Quality Office Solutions provides professional service.

  We offer the following:

  Team Viewer Remote Control diagnoses.
  Desktop support, software configuration to virus repair.

  Cabling to connections and testing.

  PC building , New and Refurbished, 1 year warrantee.
  LAN/WAN/ WIRELESS troubleshooting and hookup.

  Printer cleaning to repair and Toner Cartridges

  Plotter Cleaning and Repair.

  Audio Hookups.

  QuickBooks Installation and yearly updates.

  Cloud Backups or onsite Net server differential.

  We can also create your website or blog.

  Facebook Fan Page.
  Twitter Account and LinkedIn Account.

  We can support any or all of these for a low monthly fee.

Photocopier service and supplies available.

We can run network cable to any location in your office and terminate from patch panel  to wall jack.

We can set up the router, connect to the internet provider and connect all PC's and printers with full security.

Wireless access points can be installed as well.

We configure E-Mail for Bell, Rogers, Allstream, AOL, 295 and Sympatico and can talk to tech support for you.

 Have a question about Quickbooks? Did you know that Quickbooks runs 10 times faster in a gigabyte network, ask for details.

Price for On Site Service:

$80 per hour

Give us a call.

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